Today was the second lecture, we started to take a look what our final major project might be as well as what makes a good and strong final project. The key point that was made in this lecture was the idea of story telling and how all of the work that we do in the studio and context works should all be a part of telling the story of your final major project. We was told that we need to insure that we make sure that is relatable  not only to the industry but to the world.

lecture notes

  • the essay will be apart of he research for your fmp
  • lack on research will affect grade
  • create context
  • has to be critical and contextual rationale
  • research strategies/ how you going to do research
  • books, film, keywords
  • history + research + studio projects + visual culture = idea generation
  • Max Hattler 2009 how story telling works

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