Today I started to do my own research on how i can use things that i have at home to change matter i started off with a candle as this is one thing that i know that can change its form and then go back to its original state.

I didn’t just want to look at a candle going from a solid to a liquid then back to a solid i wanted to create something different so i started to explore what would happen if i was to drip the candle wax on to on to some cling film. I really liked the effect that i was getting because when the wax landed on to the cling film it started to melt one it all dried you could still see the candle wax on the cling film as well the hole that was made from the wax burning.

IMG_0655 IMG_0657IMG_0663

IMG_0664 IMG_0667IMG_0676

Here i have melted wax on to a blow as i wanted to see how the wax would drip down the blow.


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