Here i have found plastic that can be melted safely through the use of an iron, like any plastic once it has reached a certain temperature it starts to become a liquid and once it has cooled down it becomes a solid once again. As plastic is well know for doing this and it would be easy for me to just melt plastic onto the bodice to create a garment this way i wanted but i wanted to do something different.

i started off by getting a handful of the ironing beads and putting and laying them out on the ironing board i tried to get them to stay close to each other but as i found out when i was ironing them some of them started to separate  at first i wasn’t sure on how it would turn out because of this reason but as i started to create more of them in different shapes and sizes i began to like them more and more.

once i had created a few samples i started to put them onto an mannequin i really liked the shapes that i was getting when i was putting them together.

  photo 1 (2)photo 5 photo 1 (1)  photo 2 (1) photo 2 photo 4 (1)

As well as the shapes i really liked the colors of them all together.

Now i am going to explore the different kind of shapes that i could create using this method as well as playing with the size. As well as this i am going to find out how i could make these into a actual garment either by attaching them on to an under garment or if i could use them as the entire garment.


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