Today we was given our brief for creative pattern cutting, to help us understand the brief more we where shown a number of different videos of catwalk shows as well as talks from designers that showed us how they used shape and forms as well as color in there designs.The whole point of this unit is for us to explore the different ways you can create a garment by draping on the stand. One of the ways that we where show was by draping on the stand this is by using tape and pinning it on the mannequin creating shapes that would then turn into panels that would make up the pieces for the garment. Another way that we was shown was to find the grain line in some fabric then place it on the center front or back then start to ‘drape’ the fabric how you like.

After being shown examples of different draping techniques i feel like the best thing for me to do next is to now look into different designers that regularly use draping in their designs as well as start to try out the different ways for myself.


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