After looking into the others designers work i still didn’t have much of an idea where i wanted to go with this project so today i just started to play around with fabric on the stand. i started to place fabric on the shoulder and started gather and pin in different places i starting at the neck then created the shape from there. Although i like the shape that i ended up with (on the left side of the mannequin)  i could see a lot of ways to improve on it and that you could make the fabric go in anyway that you wish. Doing this really helped with getting me more creative and i think will impact the way in which i am going to create my garment for this project.


Next i wanted to try and develop on what i had been doing on the shoulder so i got some fabric it and pinned it on the the mannequin in the shape of a basic fitted dress with a high neck line. 445 446443

I really happy with the start that i have made and think that i could start to develop some ideas from this. I am now going to drape on the stand some more and started to develop the work that i have started.


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