Now that all of our lecture series are over I have decided that now should be a good time for me to start to make a detailed plan for my essay and what direction I am going to take it in. The theme that I have chosen for my FMP is body manipulations/ body image so as my FMP and essay have to link I think that is a good place to start when I start my planning. Once I started to do my research I came up with a few different ways I can start to take the topic of my essay down although I liked all of most of the topics I know that I have to be selective whit the one that I chose as I have to ensure that it relates to my FMP as well as come up with a good questions with the ability to answers my chosen question through my essay.

One of the topics that I have been exploring is how women use fashion to change their appearance by this I would look at the history of fashion and the different methods women have used in the past and see how methods have changed throughout the years and to see if women still want to alter their body. Another topic that I’ve been exploring is how the fashion industry as a whole has effect boy image I want to look at things such as photo shopping within the industry and the use of size 0 models and the impact that they on everyday women.

The next step for me I think is to research more in-depth and explore these topics more in-depth into these topics before I start to develop them into stuff that I could put into my essay and maybe see if the two topics that I have just been talking about can be linked together in one way or another.


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