I have now started to explore the ways that I could use the topic ‘Body Manipulation’ within my FMP project doing the research for this is helping with the possibility for my essay as now I’m not only researching the ways that ‘body manipulation’ s used but I am now creating and making the ways this happens.

As well as this I have now started to explore more the words that I used in the brain storm that I did at the start of my essay planning and putting them into the search engine on the library to see what information this would bring up. One of the words that I searched was’ Body Image’, although this is a really broad term it did help me come up with a lot of key information that I think will help me when it comes to writing my final essay;

One of the E-books I found was called Understanding Body dissatisfaction in men, women and children by Sarah Grogan  the information that I found this book really helped me and gave me an better insight into other factors that effect a person’s body imagine.


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