Today i went to a essay seminar where we was given advice and support on how to go about writing our essays as well what things we should be including. In the seminar we talked about some of the topics that had been covered in other lectures but this time they had been applied fashion and was shown how to add a fashion context.

This lecture has really helped me get an better understanding of how i should go about writing my essay and what kind of research i am going to need to do to make sure that i have a strong essay.

Notes from the seminar

  • every 100 words that we write we should try to reference or have a quote
  • min of 20 references in order to construct and strong essay
  • try to make sure that you look at 3 or more fashion designers that link to your topic ( find out about them )
  • how does the topic relate’s to fashion
  • make sure you look at the topics context, what it mean to others ( artist/ designers)
  • look at books
  • journals
  • websites
  •   try have images but be careful when choosing them
  • remember to have pages numbered and double spaced.

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