Today i started to look at a different aspect of how the fashion industry has an influence on the woman’s body i started to look at the word ‘body image’ and what it meant. Once i done this i then started to explore the link between body image and fashion. i started off by putting a few key words in the google search engine, to my surprise there was a lot of article and posts on the different affects that the fashion industry has on body image.

All of the article  had different views on whether the affect that the fashion industry was having on women’s body image was a positive or a negative one. I found out a lot more about the different ways that fashion can have an impact on women’s on body image that could result in them using some form of modification to achieve what is seen as desirable at the time. A lot of the information that i found covered the same kind of topics these where; the use of Photoshop within the fashion industry, the use of small models, the size zero campaign and the use of fashion magazines and how the promote a certain kind of look.

Now that i have found this information out i am going to develop it more by looking at how the use of skinny models and Photoshop are used within the fashion industry as i feel that this information will help add more depth when it comes to writing my essay.


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