Today i found a good website page on Photoshopping within the fashion industry, the article has examples of how much Photoshop can change a woman’s appearances as well as examples of just how this has been used in fashion through the use of fashion magazines.

A before-and-after image from Britney Spears' 2013 "Work B****" music video obtained by the Daily Mail, which shows the digital slim-down Britney's body received via CGI. here is a picture taken from the website of how a well know celebrity has been Photoshopped to  enhance her looks from the two different pictures you can see that she has been made to look a lot smaller than what she actually is. The article has a number of different images of people that have been Photoshopped and how these Photohopped images have been made public to society though the use of fashion magazines.

i am now going to take the information that i have found and try to develop it more to see just how the fashion industry uses Photoshop and if these image’s are having an affect on women’s body image


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